English For You South Africa


We specialise in teaching English to foreigners. We also help enrich and improve the English language for those already speaking English. Our tutors come to you and are highly skilled and reliable.


Our tutors are involved in various outreach programmes to teach English as a second language. We enable a diverse range of people the ability to increase their English comprehension and give them the confidence to speak the language.

Testimonials from our Tutors


I only started my journey tutoring a few months ago, however, it has been extremely rewarding to see the progress made and the willingness of my student to do better. I am thrilled to continue helping more students succeed in the future.


My experience as a tutor has been absolutely incredible. Working with such enduring young minds has been my privilege and making my small impact has truly been a tremendous growing experience.


Tutoring has given me an opportunity to invest in someone's present as well as their future which is something that makes me feel fulfilled after every lesson.


Being a tutor takes patience and dedication but the rewards are phenomenal. To see students build confidence and start to enjoy their work is a wonderful experience.


Tutors are teachers to the students at the same time the student is the teacher in other respects. Every student I have had, has taught me something along the way.


It has been great working with the students. Watching them grow through their quality of work has been a great privilege.


For me, tutoring has been a very rewarding experience, despite only having done it for a few months thus far. I have enjoyed being able to impart knowledge while learning so much myself along the way.


Being a tutor has been such an amazing yet challenging and growing experience. The absolute feeling of helping others reach their potential is an unbelievable feeling. Being a tutor has helped me grow into being better at communicating, better at teaching and helping others in ways I have not yet experienced in.


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